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Avonmore Estate Winery on Bio-Dynamic Growing

Rob and Pauline Bryans bought their 300 acre (120ha) property at Avonmore, 40km north of Bendigo, Victoria, in the mid 80s, at the end of a long drought. The property was the home block of a large grazing and cereals property, had been really flogged out conventionally, and was in very poor condition, virtually a dustbowl. Read More

The way of the ancients

Just as the ancient Egyptians used the appearance of the star Sirius to predict the flooding of the Nile. Rob Bryans knows it doesn’t do to bale hay on a full moon. “That is when the moisture content is highest, so we might cut the hay, but we will pick another time to bale it,” the Elmore farmer says. Read More

Avonmore inspires the community

Avonmore Estate, which has produced bio-dynamic wines for more than 20 years, is now running tractors and other vehicles – and even the vineyard irrigation pump – on locally produced bio-fuel. Read More

Bio dynamos

As more world-class wineries go bio-dynamic, even the skeptics are starting to go au naturel. Read More

Clean and green … and geniune

If you’re planning to get into bio-dynamic wines, then you would be well advised to do it for all the right reasons, rather than just looking for monetary gain or niche marketing. Read More

Canadian quest ensures they are Avonmore

The first export shipment of bio-dynamic red wines produced by Avonmore Estate, near Elmore in the Bendigo wine region, has achieved acclaim in the Canadian market. Read More

Bio-dynamic approach reaps rich rewards

The success of bio-dynamic winery Avonmore Estate reflects its focus on the integrity of its wine, as well as its commitment to strict bio-dynamic practices and principles. Read More

Avonmore Estate – The Story

Avonmore Estate is a family owned and operated 300 acre farm. Situated in Central Victoria in the Bendigo / Heathcote Region.  Read More

Bio-Dynamic business bears fruit

Avonmore Estate may be one of Victoria’s youngest wineries, but it’s leading pack when it comes to developing a niche market using alternative farming methods. Read More

Wine awards flow for Avonmore Estate’s Bio-Dynamic Wines

Australia’s wine consumers are presented with very few opportunities to purchase or even sample ‘bio-dynamic wines’ produced from an Grade A Bio-Dynamic farm. Read More

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