Biodynamics is,in short an enhanced form of organics. The aim and motivation of Biodynamic farmers is to redeem soils and ensure farms are viable without the use of water soluble fertilisers and synthetic chemicals (these soluble salts can be derived from application of artificial fertilisers, organic fertilisers, raw animal manures. The latter often carry growth hormones and heavy metals, chemical and antibiotic residues).
The biodynamic method biologically activates the life of soil and plants. This is achieved by using “activating sprays” which are applied in Spring and Autumn, however this is dependent on weather conditions along with other influences including moon and star phases.

The main activating spray is called “500”,  which is a prepared cow manure blended with six biodynamic compost  preparations-  Yarrow, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Oak Bark, Dandellion and Valerian (liquid extract). When the  prepared 500 is recieved from the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association Powelltown Victoria it is  stored  on farm in specially constructed storage facilities ensuring the preparation is maintained the same as when it was originally lifted, until it is sprayed on the earth.

The living form of “500” is sprayed onto the earth at a rate of 35gms (1 1/4Ozs) per acre, the soil is activated due to microbial activity bringing it to life. This structures the soil, promotes food and water root growth, humus formation along with continued microbial activity.

Plants are fed naturally through the soil eco system utilising the Sun warmth and light, the plant ‘selectively’ takes it’s requirements and nutrients for the appropriate growth.