Avonmore Estate, which has produced bio-dynamic wines for more than 20 years, is now running tractors and other vehicles – and even the vineyard irrigation pump – on locally produced bio-fuel.

The winery has inspired the local community to run a trial program on its biofuel, with a feasibility study established for a biofuel depot and plant to be built and run with the community money raised along the lines of the Australia-wide Bendigo Community Bank program.

Avonmore will have input into the making of the bio-fuel along with local farmers who grow canola and other suitable crops for bio-fuel.

“It’s only in the infant stages but it’s shaping up to be a huge development,” Avonmore Estate owner Rob Bryans said.

When Avonmore built a new winery two years ago, it incorporated a plant which recycles all waste water including sewerage and water from the family home. The waste water is used on farm tree breaks and the garden.

The winery also used an existing machinery building, making it fully double insulated to keep barreled wine at an even temperature. The building utilized handmade bricks from the farm, and local timbers line the entire building. The next stage involves straw bale construction using straw grown on the property.

Avonmore uses only recycled brown paper bags and cartons(including recycled dividers) at cellar door and wherever tastings are held.

WBM October 2006