Frequently Asked Questions

What is biodynamics?

A farm managed under a biodynamic system ensures the soil health is maintained and improved over time.   The Avonmore Estate vineyard soil fertiity is enhanced by planting cover crops between rows, vineyard rows are spaced sufficiently to reduce pest and diseases, and any farm inputs are natural and certified as biodynamic.  No synthetic fertilisers or sprays are used. 

The method relies on observation by the farmer, and adherance to certain conditions that link plant growth to environmental conditions. 


What is preservative free?

Avonmore Estate wines are made without added preservatives sulphur dioxide (code name 220) or “preservative free.”
Many  people are choosing wines without any additives.   Reasons vary.  It might be as our bodies change over time (for example our gut flora) and we may no longer be able to process additives.  Some people find they are allergic to additives.  Many people choose to drink Avonmore Estate wines becuase it’s as natural to the source (the soil of the vineyard, the environment of the vineyard) as possible.


What is vegan friendly?

Avonmore Estate wines aren’t treated with animal products which makes them vegan friendy.

Normally to finish a wine, products derived from egg white, milk or animal proteins are used.  This has not occured with our wines and they are full bodied and not fine filtered, often with the grape remnants in the bottom of the bottles.

Where can I buy?

You can always buy on-line, or give Mel a call.

We currently attend three farmers markets in the region
Lancefield Farmers’ Market – 4th Saturday of the month
Bendigo Farmers’ Market – 2nd Saturday of the month
Castlemaine Farmers’Market – 1st Sunday of the month

Do you have a cellar door?

We don’t currently have a cellar door available, this may change in the future so check back in.

Do you have accommodation?

We don’t currently have accommodation available, this may change in the future so check back in.