Avonmore Estate Wine is a biodynamic vineyard located in the Bendigo Wine Region of Victoria.
With no additives or preservatives our wine suits health-conscious people who appreciate a fresh palette, and care about consuming produce grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

Suitable for vegans.

The vineyard was established 30 years ago by Pauline and Rob Bryans. The wine was lovingly created by the Bryans adjacent to the vineyard using small batch boutique winemaking techniques.

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The next generation of Avonmore Estate Wines awaits us in the soil and on the vines tended by new owners the Marsh family.

Exceptional wines from the Bendigo Wine Region, Victoria, delivered to your door.
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Deep purple in colour, flours of blackberry, pepper and clove, with a clean dry finish, a full-bodied and generous wine.



“CHARMAT“ Fermented. Deep purple in colour, rich and ripe, full of blackberry, spice and sweet fruit-driven palate.



Mulberry and black cherry flavours, rich violet colour, with a layered and lingering finish. Can be chilled in summer.



A full-bodied robust wine, blackberry flavours, deep purple in colour, with a smooth dry finish.


The Bendigo Wine Region

Avonmore Estate Wines are grown on the Campaspe floodplain.
We are the only biodynamic vineyard in the region.


Keep up to date with goings on on the farm and development of the new vintage.

Current lovers of Avonmore Estate Wines and new all welcome.

A Bio-dynamic vineyard

Biodynamics is a method of organic farming which uses natural biological preparations.

Latest news from Avonmore Estate Wines

An extremely brief overview of Bio-Dynamics

Biodynamics is,in short an enhanced form of organics. The aim and motivation of Biodynamic farmers is to redeem soils and ensure farms are viable without the use of water soluble fertilisers and synthetic chemicals (these soluble salts can be derived from application...

Avonmore Estate bio-dynamic wine top tips

If you are interested in bio-dynamics and considering establishing a new property or converting your existing property to bio-dynamic production, the following tips from Rob and Pauline Bryans may be of interest: Believe in what you are doing with 100% commitment and...

Bio-dynamic to the moon and back

The Bryans take their bio-dynamic approach to every corner of the globe, and beyond, as Rob Bryans explains: “The lunar cycle determines when particular work practices can be carried out most effectively and this is influenced by Perigee (moon nearness) and Apogee...

Accolades flow for bio-dynamic wines

Rob and Pauline Bryans are farmers at Avonmore near Elmore, just north of Bendigo in Victoria. After many years producing sheep and cattle grown under bio-dynamic farming methods, the Bryans have now applied their bio-dynamic skills to viticulture and winemaking. In...